WWI Corset

WWI Corset- I opted for the high bust for support but love the long line this corset creates!  This is the base for the WWI era clothing I will be making and wearing throughout the year as part of the Centennial commemoration.  This was the first wearing, without the garters (mostly because I forgot them that night) and under a skirt/blouse combo.  It also was not fully laced as I had to lace myself in and can only get so much leverage behind my back.

corset-back corset-front

Historical Sew Monthly

The Challenge: Firsts & Lasts

January 2017

Fabric: 100% cotton brocade and cotton drill lining

Pattern: 1913 late Edwardian Corset from Truly Victorian

Year: 1913

Notions: cotton thread, steel busk, bones, eyelets, garters, cotton lace, silk floss, linen tape for lacing

How historically accurate is it? 95% given accurate materials, machine sewn with short stitch length and hand top stitched and finished

Hours to complete: 43 hours Total

First worn: January 31, 2017 for Centennial Kickoff event

Total: ~$40 bought busk, steels, and garters,  fabric remnants & notions from stash

First Wearing (dancing both ragtime and swing with some WWII folks- don’t recommend swing dance in a longline corset)

wwi-dance-2 wwi-dance-3 wwi-dance wwi-single

Construction images…



Historical inspiration images…

1915-1917 corset at the Met

1915-1917 corset at the Met

Corset - c. 1911-13 - by Au Royal Corset, Madrid, Spain

Corset – c. 1911-13 – by Au Royal Corset, Madrid, Spain

1915 Corset at the Met

1915 Corset at the Met