Recreating a webpage and musing on personal history

I have just managed to upload my historical sewing portfolio from my previous website… and it has made me realize how much more I have gotten done since then!  Which is cool, seeing productivity in retrospect.  Of course, that also means I need to track down pictures and get those other projects online.  Part of this effort was to share and catalog my A&S 50 challenges and most of my projects overlap one or both of those.  It was also to document projects and volunteering for my peers who are many miles away so that they can keep up with what I am wondering around doing way up North…

Anyway, look for many more updates to come and new posts, maybe some musing posts about the past projects since I previously listed them mainly as portfolio for commissions and don’t really do much of that anymore, far too busy with regular work.  It keeps me mostly out of trouble.

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