Suffragette Ensemble

Suffragette Ensemble

This is what I wore to cast my ballot this year in honor of our great-great-grandmothers who fought for our right to vote for so long.

I Voted!

I Voted!


The underlying components: 1910’s blouse and skirt:


Historical Sew Monthly

The Challenge: Heroes

October 2016

Fabric: Cotton/wool blend skirt, Satin ribbon sash, straw hat

Pattern: Sash sewn together satin ribbons, self drafted skirt pattern, “Elsie” WWI blouse

Year: 1915

Notions: cotton thread, satin ribbons, fabric ink, feathers and ribbons for hat

How historically accurate is it? 90% given accurate materials, machine sewn with short stitch length and hand top stitched and finished, hat all hand sticthed

Hours to complete: 10 hours Total (skirt, sash, and hat- not including the blouse that was used for an earlier challenge)

First worn: November 2016- early voting

Total: ~$30 fabric remnant, notions from stash and purchased ribbon and feathers

Historical inspiration images…

1916 casual dress suffragette

1916 casual dress suffragette

1915 USA Suffragettes

1915 USA Suffragettes


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