Tastefully Timeless

Tastefully Timeless is my mantra when it comes to work, planning, design, and play- I love historical costuming, traditional music, and exploring the great outdoors.  Here I collect ideas, share my work and hobby interests, and musings on the modern world while remaining tastefully timeless…

adjective: tasteful
showing good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior.
“Sarah’s modest, tasteful apartment”
synonyms: aesthetically pleasing, in good taste, refined, cultured, elegant, stylish, smart, chic, attractive, exquisite

“the decor is simple and tasteful”
adjective: timeless
not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.
“antiques add to the timeless atmosphere of the dining room”
synonyms: lasting, enduring, classic, ageless, permanent, perennial, abiding, unfailing, unchanging, unvarying, never-changing, changeless, unfading, unending, undying, immortal, eternal, everlasting, immutable

“the timeless appeal of a well-crafted rocking chair”
One of my goals is to have a complete outfit for each century for the SCA period (500-1650) and for each decade for the 19th and 20th centuries… it is coming along quite nicely but in working on the website I realized I don’t have good pictures of most of these projects.  I am updating as I get them and create pages or posts with my inspiration images.
2nd Century 100-199 CE
3rd Century 200-299 CE
4th Century 300-399 CE
5th Century 400-499 CE
6th Century 500-599 CE
7th Century 600-699 CE
8th Century 700-799 CE
9th Century 800-899 CE
10th Century 900-999 CE
11th Century 1000-1099 CE
12th Century 1100-1199 CE
13th Century 120-1299 CE
14th Century 1300-1399 CE
17th Century 1600-1699 CE
18th Century 1700-1799 CE
19th Century 1800-1899 CE
          1830’s-1840’s  Early Victorian
 20th Century 1900-1999 CE




          Modern Fantasy items

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