1560 English Kirtle

Period Correct Clothing to Fit Your Style… 

  • Simplified English 16th Century Kirtle of Green Cotton Jacquard
  • Cotton lining
  • Linen square necked shift
  • Tie on sleeves
  • Sheer tie on partlet
  • Linen round cap
  • Machine sewn inner seams, hem, modern grommets to keep costs low
  • Hand finished edges, covered eyelets
  • This project was a simple 16th century kirtle that was kept simple with some modern substitutions like grommets per request of the client to keep costs down
  • This will be worn to highland games, celticfest, and germanfest events so maximum versatility was desired, hence all of the piece by piece options
  • The client also “runs hot” so we stayed with linen and cotton to keep everything as cool as possible

MEK kirtle apron MEK kirtle back detail MEK kirtle back MEK kirtle front MEK kirtle side sleeve MEK kirtle side

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