1815 Regency Day Dress and Bodiced Petticoat

Period Correct Clothing to Fit Your Style… 

This regency day dress brings to life the diaphanous sheer look of the regency that was not always white!  Here a taupe colored sheer linen is layered over a cotton underdress featuring a drop-front or bib bodice and puffed sleeves with tabs and bone buttons for a subdued trimming feature.  This dress features the round gown cut but the fabric and the drape of the fine gathers stands out.  A bit of trim emphasizes the waistline and brings some color to the gown.  The waistline here drops only slightly from front to back but we see the fullness of the skirt and the even gathers as well as the full puff sleeves that tell us this gown also fits the later 1810-1815 regency period.  The regency period favored sheer cottons and linens to mimic the classically look of greek statuary.  Given the lack of warmth in some of these garments, the paisley shawl or spencer jacket became a necessity in cool weather.   This gown is entirely hand finished to create as authentic a historic impression as possible.

  • Day dress with mock drop front bodice
  • Cotton lining with sheer linen overdress
  • Cotton Bodiced Petticoat creates supportive underlayer
  • Machine sewn inner seams
  • Hand finished (hems, edging, and hooks and eyes)
  • Cotton was used for comfort and washability
  • This project was the first day dress I made for my Mom, who wears this for English Country, Scottish Country, and Contra Dance events.

tan regency tan regency sleeve detail tan regency bodice detail

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