1865 Stripey Corset

This fabric really wanted to be a corset, even though stripes are not very period- I have enough fabric left to make a fun frilly skirt so this will likely be my “accidental steampunk” outfit.  I needed a new Victorian corset so I also fixed some fitting issues from my first one to this one- should be more comfortable for a full day’s wear and working.  I had to get photos on the dress form so the fitting isn’t quite right- it squishes in but not up!

1865 Stripey Corset


Historical Sew Monthly

The Challenge: Pattern

August 2016

Fabric: 100% cotton woven stripe, interlined with cotton canvas

Pattern: Dore corset from Victorian Underwear package Laughing Moon Mercantile

Year: 1837-1899 (I chose the Dore- earlier shape for Civil War wear but could be later due to my fabric choice)

Notions: cotton thread, steel busk, spring steel bones, grommets, linen tape for lacing, bias tape for binding, silk floss for flossing

How historically accurate is it? 80% given accurate materials for a later time frame with an earlier period shape, machine sewn with short stitch length and hand top stitched and finished

Hours to complete: 22 hours Total (4 hours cutting and fitting, 4 hours machine sewing, 2 hours installing grommets and boning, 8 hours handfinishing, 4 hours flossing)

First worn: September 2016

Total: ~$10 fabric remnant, $20 for busk and bones, notions from stash