1864 Civil War Ball Gown- Peacock Blue

This lovely civil war ball gown brings to life the crinoline era, or early Victorian period.  The bold peacock blue color of the silk taffeta is contrasted with black lace and flower trim, which was one of many fashion trends from 1860-1865.  The smooth line of the body emphasizes the small waist with wide shoulders and the width of the hoop.  The bertha, or gathered and ruched section across the neckline, emphasizes the width at the shoulders and creates a lovely self-fabric trim.  This gown is made from pure silk taffeta and is hand finished to complete the period look.

The gentleman in pinstripes is my Dad, we modified a modern shirt, wool pants, and wool jacket for him by altering the cut and replacing all of the buttons. I made his vest and cravat to create this dapper civilian impression for the Remembrance Day Ball at Gettysburg.

  • 1860’s Chemise with pin tucks on the front and cluny lace at the edges
  • Pure Silk Taffeta Ball Gown with Self- fabric Bertha and black cluny lace
  • Machine sewn inner seams
  • Hand finished (hems, edging, hooks and eyes)

civil war p blue side view civil war p blue side long civil war p blue front civil war p blue dance

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