SCA Arts and Sciences 50 Challenge


A wonderful idea was hatched several years back to offer an Arts and Sciences challenge for the 50th anniversary of the SCA.  I jumped in when this was announced and now that we are quickly approaching the 50th year I need to tabulate what I have done for these challenges.  This page will serve as that running list.  I can’t say I’ve been great at keeping up with these although this was before social media and being better about keeping pictures.  To the extent that I can I will do separate posts for these items with pictures and other information- some I have to chase down because the projects were made and flew the coop before I got any pictures!

I did two challenges-

50 things from my stash- knowing that I needed stash busting!  &

50 things to Learn and Teach- being what I value most in the society and why I joined in the first place!

50 Things from my Stash

  1. Greek Garb- chiton of lavender linen
  2. Greek Garb- peplos of green cotton
  3. Greek Garb- himation of fine linen
  4. Kirtle of tan Osnaburg
  5. 13th century coif
  6. Surquine of white linen
  7. Cotehardie of tan linen
  8. Kirtle of Black linen
  9. Petticoat- Navy linen
  10. Petticoat- Green linen
  11. viking cap of white linen
  12. Tudor kirtle- red wool
  13. Tudor kirtle- gold matelasse
  14. Tudor Gown- green jacquard and white fur
  15. Tudor coif- fine linen
  16. Tudor French Hood- beaded velvet and silk
  17. Tudor chatelaine
  18. Tudor chemise- silk cotton voile
  19. Tudor undersleeves- silk twill
  20. Elizabethan skirt – gold brocade
  21. Elizabethan doublet bodice- gold brocade
  22. Peplos-Black silk for Clytemnestra
  23. Chiton-White linen with red embroidery for Aphrodite
  24. 15th century fitted kirtle
  25. 15th century V-Neck gown- blue wool and brown fur
  26. 15th century hoods- black wool
  27. 15th century truncated hennin- reed, black wool, and blue jacquard
  28. Petticoat- rust linen
  29. Elizabethan kirtle- grey jacquard cotton
  30. Elizabethan apron- openworked linen
  31. Pair of Bodies- natural linen
  32. Elizabethan cap- black and gold
  33. Mongolian pants- tan cotton
  34. Mongolian del- red and blue linen
  35. Ottoman Turkish pants- striped cotton
  36. Ottoman Turkish Coat- Green silk
  37. Geometric Tunic- pale green
  38. Viking Apron dress- rust
  39. wimple- fine linen
  40. Ottoman Turkish Coat- rust floral linen
  41. Ottoman Turkish Coat- red chintemani
  42. Ottoman Turkish Pants- purple
  43. Ottoman hat- red velvet
  44. 12th century coif- fine linen
  45. 12th century gown- teal wool
  46. 13th century surcoat- white wool
  47. Geometric Tunic- blue
  48. Viking Apron dress- blue and gold crosswoven
  49. Viking Coat- rust wool
  50. Rain Cloak- waterproofed cotton

50 Things to Learn and Teach

  1. Greek garb- so you want to wear a tablecloth? class taught every other year in early summer for event panic
  2. Tie yourself in knots- tying techniques for your chiton
  3. Luceting cords
  4. Intro to dance and dance ettiquite
  5. Geometric Tunics
  6. Fibulae of wire and beads
  7. Simple soapmaking
  8. Creating favors
  9. The lovely cotehardie
  10. The gates of hell- sideless surcotes
  11. Beginning Basketweaving
  12. How to create paternosters
  13. Ultra fit Petticoats
  14. Basic balms and butters
  15. Simply period earrings
  16. Simply period necklaces- and the not so simple
  17. Bransles
  18. Kumihimo
  19. Building Marudai
  20. Use of Marudai
  21. How to paint banners with lettering
  22. Intro to stained glass
  23. Event planning 101
  24. Intro to headwear through the ages
  25. Chemises Many Ways
  26. English country dances
  27. Intro to Tudor Gowns
  28. Intro to Tudor Accessories
  29. Tudor garb workshops
  30. Fitting sleeves
  31. Creating a Body Block curved front
  32. Creating a body block straight front
  33. 15th Century V Neck gown
  34. Basketweaving for hennins
  35. Layering a twelfth century lady
  36. Build a Body double
  37. Patterning from your body double
  38. Basic yoga for your dance body
  39. Vocal projection techniques
  40. 16th century fitted kirtles
  41. 16th century accessories
  42. Ottoman Turkish Clothing
  43. Ottoman coat workshop
  44. Intro to Viking Garb
  45. Intro to Garb- creative, affordable, and accurate can all play together
  46. 1500 Venetian Gown workshop
  47. Choli workshop
  48. Basic bellydance
  49. Coaching for Constructive Criticism (Pennsic 2015)
  50. Interpretive Skills for Bards (Pennsic 2015)

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