Ultralight Kirtle

Counting this for the Historically Sew Monthly January 2022 challenge… which was an anniversary challenge celebrating 10 years to choose something from the 2013 list.  This one could work for several of those: #UFO #Under it All #Peasant #Lacing #Metal #Color Challenge Green  #HistoricalSewMonthly2022

The Challenge: Anniversary- January

Fabric: Two linen curtain panels from the thrift store and some cotton twill from my stash

Pattern: Drafted from my old body block (maybe 2012 eek!) with some redraping help from a friend (at a sewing gathering about 2019?) then it sat in the UFO pile for a while

Year: 16th Century

Notions: metal drapery rings, naturel linen tape for lacing and trim, matching green thread, 4 cable ties for boning

How historically accurate is it? It has a good look overall (although I’m not in love with the pull of lacing rings or the gaping at the front partly due to pandemic pounds) I also intentionally made this as a wearable mock-up to test as few layers and little boning as possible that could be thrown in the washer for wear at crazy hot events- it does work for that and is very comfortable and supportive for all day wear.

Hours to complete: Total: 30 

First worn: April 2022, when I loaned it out for a Shakespeare demo, worn by me May 2022

Total cost: $12   

Thanks to Shaina Cara and her casual event photos- I caught her eyeing me so struck a “fete at bermondsey” pose 😉 ie my favorite painting showing a span of classes and clothes and behavior all in a crowd together!

Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder – Festival at Bermondsey- 1571 public domain