1470 Burgundian V-Neck Gown

This was my first venture into Burgundian clothing after being intrigued by two classes I attended and planning to attend a Burgundian themed event. The outer gown itself worked right off for the fist outdoor event posted below and for the second indoor event. The supportive underkirtle was loosening and not supporting at the first outdoor event, thus it was refitted and looks much better for the second wearing in the picture to the left. I also completed a smaller silk veil and pinned it to the hennin according to the portraits as seen on the left. Many ladies make this style in order to wear the hennin, or “pointy princess hat”, here I am wearing a truncated hennin. I included pictures of the quick Burgundian I made for my daughter so you can see a variation on the style and the fit of the underkirtle and how these can be worn with just the hood (she is waiting for a pointy hennin).

Period Correct Clothing to Fit Your Style… 

  • Burgundian V-Neck Gown from custom drafted pattern
  • Made from fulled coat weight wool/cashmere blend and faux fur
  • Supportive underkirtle from heavy weight linen
  • Belt of black wool with reproduction buckle
  • Hennin (hat) of woven reed covered with wool and brocade
  • Hood of black wool
  • Veil of silk
  • Machine sewn inner seams
  • Hand finished (hems, trim, and lacing rings)

burgundian side Burgundian back 2   burgundian laurel 2 burgundian laurel

Inspiration images for V-Neck gown and hoods:

burgundian pairwomen in a treee

Obviously Blue was a popular color and we do see a mix of hoods and henin types worn at the same time.

print and brown burgundian.jpg

And here is blue with brown fur and a mix of sleeve styles.

brown and blue burgundian

And another blue and brown with narrow sleeves…

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