Ottoman Turkish Clothing

This page is intended to share the color and beauty of 16th Century Ottoman Turkish clothing with those who are interested in creating their own. I hope this will contribute to dancers and those interested in historic middle eastern clothing to have a better sense of what is authentic and accurate. I was first interested in Turkish clothing through my friend Catriona inghean Ghirric in the SCA and the first iteration of the slideshow here was for our teaching of classes several years back for the Twelfth night theme of the Turkish Court.

In the spring of 2018 Atlantia has a set of royals stepping up for a Turkish reign and so there were lots of requests for classes, workshops, and information about the clothing. Here I am sharing the updated slides and new diagrams on a handy patterning sheet that I created for those getting Dressed for the Sultan. I have tried to keep the information simple, straight forward, and with notes for those who want more authenticity.

Further images of extant garments, fabrics, and currently available reproduction fabrics are available on my Pinterest page for 16th Century Turkish. I will be creating web pages soon for Safavid Persian and Mughal Indian as well for those looking at nearby cultures in the same time period.

Full length Turkish ladies

Lady Catriona and Lady Faye in their Turkish ensembles at Atlantian Twelfth Night

These are the ensembles we created for the Turkish themed Twelfth night event- the outer kaftans are made from chenille and metallic cintemani motif fabric. Catriona found these in Turkey as a gift shop offering when the Topkapi Palace exhibit was touring- she brought home the 2 bedspreads and the trade was that I had to do the cutting- it was tight but we maximized use of the fabric available.

Dressed for the Sultan class 2018 Ottoman slides

Basic Pattern Diagram Turkish handout 7-18 (includes gömlek , şalvar, and entari/anteri)

Article on fabrics and motifs with linked collection objects.

Making the ensemble:

Gömleks of silk and cotton

Anteri cutting two ways

An anteri photo journal and video tutorials are coming soon! I’m sewing like crazy for the upcoming reign and trying to remember to take pictures of everything.

Inspiration images:


Dancers- they are using the same veils as headwear and dance accessories!


“The Sultan’s Favorite”- note the variation in dress, fabrics, turned up hems, slippers, nalins, sashes, knives, vases, and a child 🙂


Extant silk Anteri with tulip and crescent motif- reverse applique.

full striped ball buttons

Silk with heat printed pattern, ball buttons, detachable sleeves!

cintemani with tiger stripe, reverse applique silk Atlas

Cintemani with tiger stripe, reverse applique silk Atlas