2008 Hermione Outfit (Gryffindor Student Uniform)

This is modern costume clothing that I created as a Christmas gift for my daughter, a huge Harry Potter fan. Actually the whole family is fans but I haven’t costumed us all. I have to say this was the most fun I ever had preparing for Christmas because I knew how magical this would be, I laid the outfit out over a chair just like the uniforms are seen in the movies and the reaction was magic. Some parts were big on her because it was what I could find but she was fine with the explanation that she was only 8 and the smallest Hogwarts items are for children of 11 so she would have to wait for them to fit properly. For these pictures we braided her hair in many tiny braids overnight because she was headed to a Harry Potter party that day.

  • Modern school uniform shirt, knee socks, and mary janes
  • Poly wool blend pleated skirt made to resize with age
  • V-neck sweater from Old Navy, hood removed and crewel embroidery stripes added at neckline
  • Scarf handknitted by a coworker since I did not knit at the time
  • Robes of cotton super fine wale corduroy for light drape and feel but slightly velvet look
  • Mail ordered Gryffindor patch
  • Wand made from pine, stained walnut and natural, handle turned on lathe
  • Machine sewn inner seams
  • Entirely Hand finished

Laurel Hermione Laurel Hermione2

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