Ottoman Turkish Gomleks

Historical Sew Monthly Jan/Feb challenge combo-

What the item is: Ottoman Turkish Gomlek
Material: silk/cotton voile
Pattern: geometric cut based on extant garments and body measurements
Year: 16th century
Notions: freshwater pearl, silk thread
How historically accurate is it? Accurate materials and sheerness, simplified cut for delicacy of fabric
Hours to complete: 8 originally, 2 for repairs
First worn: 2014?
Total cost: $30 originally, negligible for repairs

This challenge was difficult because I am in the middle of some original full garments. Then I repaired this silk gomlek of several tiny tears from wearing it while working and dancing before using it to cut a new one in a more durable cotton for the February challenge. Other layers coming soon!

Added note for blog- the beginning of the Turkish page will be up tonight for those of you awaiting class notes and handouts!

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