New Year, New Goals, and Sharing

With the new year my resolutions used to be like those of many- a soft goal that I jumped into enthusiastically that eventually faded as life got busy. A few years ago I decided to apply my training and planning know-how to my goals. I turned them into objectives- specific, measurable, with deadlines.

For 3 years now I’ve had the objective to memorize a song per month. I wanted more performance from memory but did not think I could memorize. This objective proved me wrong- I usually have half a dozen songs that I know I want to add to my repertoire and the rest are added as inspiration strikes. This keeps the goal feeling fluid but I still target and write down what I learned each month and now my repertoire is well over 40 songs because some months extras get added in. This year I added stories to my monthly target.

For sewing, the historical sew monthly has been great for motivation and keeping me on track for one project done each month. This one was definitely derailed with the last year of moving. 😦
But, now that moving is mostly done I’m jumping into a new year with the objective to finish one new project and one unfinished object project each month. I also want to do a mending or repair each week. Most of those are small and just get set aside for big sexy new projects… This will be their year. It will also help to clear bins that I moved full of mending and ufos! #HSM2018progress

I also want to improve blogging about projects to create dress diaries and tutorials- this post is testing an easier way to post so that will hopefully make it more efficient when I’m not tied to the computer which isn’t unpacked and set up yet.

So far 2018 has been productive- 1 display, 2 classes, 2 workshops, and 3 in progress projects that keep elbowing each other out of the way- but as they are all the same color maybe I should count them as one?

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